Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yoga and Valentine's Day - Ways to Treat Yourself Right!

If you’re in the mood for an extra-steamy Valentine’s Day -- and a more passionate love life in general -- you’d do well to unroll a yoga mat. The discipline of yoga offers lovers profound physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Who needs chocolates and roses?

Being Present in the Present

Yoga helps people focus their energies, so they can be more engaged in the present. When you’re able to be there in the moment, you can fully appreciate the time you spend with your partner. Your conversations and your intimate interludes should thus become more vivid and pleasurable. Moreover, when you’re capable of really listening to your partner, your chances of sustaining a long-lasting relationship improve.

Yogis Are Calm and Happy

Once you begin practicing yoga, you should feel a greater sense of inner peace and self-love. At the same time, yoga is surprisingly effective at reducing stress and eliminating depression. In fact, it works at least as well as prescription antidepressants.

Your yoga instructor will also teach you constructive ways of dealing with any anger you might have. That way, you won’t allow the annoyances of daily life to intrude upon the hours you spend with your partner. In short, when you feel more confident and less troubled, it's easier to cherish the companionship of your significant other; no longer are there emotional barriers between the two of you.

Less Pain, More Power

Yoga is a natural pain reliever. Therefore, your amorous Valentine’s Day activities shouldn't be obstructed by any chronic aches. What's more, yoga improves a person's circulation and levels of oxygenation. That means you’ll have increased reserves of energy and stamina. Even if you work a full day on Feb. 14, you should still be lively and frisky afterwards.

Finally, without getting too graphic here, be aware that yoga can sharpen people's physical desires and make their muscles and joints much more flexible. Those attributes can come in handy on Valentine's Day -- and on many other occasions during the year as well.

Friday, December 6, 2013

My 3-Day Cleanse: Day 2 (Not every day is lattes and muffins)

Last night I went to bed tired, hungry and cold.  Basically I was miserable.  I complained the entire day yesterday and I couldn't even finish #6 out of #6 juices.  Enough juice already!  This morning I woke up and I feel a lot more energy.  Granted, I'm still hungry and not really interested in drinking the "weed juice" again...but....wait for it....I LOST TWO POUNDS.  This is a miracle and now I don't care if I'm hungry and have to drink funky toilet juice.  I feel like I lost 5 pounds and have more energy. My intestinal track is basically empty and I am no longer bloated.  I'm not making this up when I say I can see more clearly too.  Juicing is the best thing ever.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My 3 Day Cleanse - Day 1

I should have started this post BEFORE the cleanse because I'm mid day on the first day and I'm pretty cranky.  Basically I'm drinking water that tastes like grass.  Nothing of the smoothie berry sort that you think would be a part of a cleanse, but rather green flavored water.  All I can think about are tacos; but I digress.

Super excited about my cleanse!

I decided that too much Holiday fun was getting in the way of my clear-headed, bright-skinned, universally-balanced self so I committed to a three day juice cleanse.  At first my friend Christine and I were going to order it online, but after seeing a $45 shipping charge I bailed out of that and decided to go to Kreation in Manhattan Beach. 

I hear it's the new fad with the Manhattan Beach moms...they don't eat anymore, they just juice.  Considering they are bounding around me full of energy; I thought I could handle three days.

You call Kreation in advance and they give you some advice (it sounded like the girl on the phone was eating something and I couldn't understand her, oh the irony) about which cleanse to take.  My last words were, "I don't mind going hard core" so I ended up with #3 "Flourish" (**READ - WEEDS**).  The package comes with 6 juices and two waters per day.  Cost is around $50-$60 per day.  I ordered three.  Am I insane for paying that much money for juice?  Yes.  Moving on...

I completely ignored the advice to eat lightly the day before the cleanse and to top it off I went out to dinner and had two glasses of wine (what? I ordered the FISH) and at least two slices of French bread with butter.  Whatever.  See me eat bread, people, I don't care. 

So basically I'm sitting here at 3:36, on juice #4, cranky, cold, and hungry.   I do have a massage at 5pm so I'm looking forward to that. 

When does the bliss come?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Different Types of Yoga Classes

Over the past decade, yoga has become increasingly popular among all types of people. From those who want a low-impact form of exercise to serious athletes who take yoga classes for flexibility, practicing yoga offers significant benefits. Whatever your goals or your athletic ability, there is a practice that's right for you. Discover more about the different types of yoga classes below.

Hot Yoga
One of the most popular types of yoga today is hot yoga. Also called Bikram yoga, this practice takes place in a heated room. With a temperature of 95 to 105 degrees, participants sweat heavily, but they also enjoy warmer muscles for greater flexibility. Typical hot yoga classes are ideal for those who like to sweat in order to feel like they have had a successful workout, and it is perfect for anyone in search of a greater challenge for their overall fitness.

Vinyasa Yoga
While yoga can be spiritual as well as meditative, those who are practicing specifically for the fitness benefits may naturally gravitate toward Vinyasa yoga. This type of yoga involves moving from pose to pose in succession, and when combined with traditional breathing patterns, it can be a serious challenge. Included under the umbrella of Vinyasa yoga is Ashtanga. This style of yoga is done at a fast pace for greater cardiovascular benefits.

Restorative Yoga
Many men and women practice yoga in order to increase flexibility or recover after alternative workouts like weight lifting, team sports or running. In these cases, one of the best options is to try restorative yoga. By using props like yoga blocks to gently stretch muscles, people in these yoga classes will enjoy a gentler practice with major flexibility and muscle recovery benefits.

Restorative yoga, Vinyasa yoga and hot yoga are just three of the many different types of yoga classes to consider.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Yoga for the Mind: Advanced Yoga Studies Come to a California University

How many times, after finishing your favorite yoga class, have you thought of quitting your corporate job to become a yoga teacher? Or if you're already an instructor, have there been moments when you wished you can learn even more about the practice? You dream about different poses while wearing your Lululemon pajamas (do they even make those?). You take every "yoga-fusion" class there is...snowboard yoga anyone? This is your calling and you not only want but need to learn more. Well, there's a university in Southern California that just might be where you belong. Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles recently announced that they are starting the first graduate program for Yoga studies in the country. They have had yoga extension courses for over a decade but this will be the first year they accept students working towards an advanced degree. Nineteen students have entered the program this year and will be getting their degree Masters of Arts in Yoga Studies in two years. Below is a video that highlights some of what the university has done through their extension classes.

Monday, August 26, 2013

How to care for your pricey yoga gear

The truth of the matter is, we can get yoga and workout gear everywhere these days. They're available at your local Target or Old Navy stores and many of them are quite sturdy and affordable, most retailing under $50. Then there are those who prefer to spend more money on their fitness gear. They feel that the quality or brand they choose really affects their workout (and to that we say more power to you). After all, whatever will make you feel better about working out is a good thing, right? But since you're spending a lot of money on those yoga pants and special sports bras, shouldn't you take special care of them? Of course you should. This is where our great friends at come into play with some fabulous tips on how to care for your fitness gear. For the full low-down on how to make sure you keep your gear always up to par, check out the full article HERE.

Below is a video with a few more tips on how to wash your workout clothes:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Yoga + Paddleboard = Wow for your muscles

Here in Southern California, everyone knows someone who either surfs, paddle boards (SUP - stand up paddle-boarding) , or does yoga; or all three at the same time (we're still looking for footage). Thus, it wouldn't and shouldn't surprise anyone if they saw anyone on those darn paddle boards, yes those paddle boards that are so hard to navigate on their own for some people, doing the downward dog. It's becoming more of a familiar sight here in Southern California, but it's also been quite popular in many east coast cities the last few years. With summer almost winding down in over a month, this might be the perfect time to give this type of yoga a try. Want to check out how it exactly works, here's a short but detailed video: